This is the old proven technology in sleep - durable mattresses free of chemicals. The wool has received an organic certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), while the latex has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance for sustainable rubber plant farming. Richmond (804) 396-1879 ... GOLS Natural Latex Pillow Featured $ 80.00 – $ 90.00. The average all-latex or latex hybrid mattress costs between $1,600 and $2,200 in a queen size. It's also important to note that organic and natural latex can trigger symptoms for people who are allergic to latex. You'll receive 100 nights to test out the mattress and decide whether to keep it or return it for a refund, along with a 20-year warranty. "Natural latex" usually refers to latex foam that primarily consists of plant-based components. Firmness: Medium Soft (4) on Side 1; Firm (7-8) on Side 2, Pressure Point Relief: 4/5 (Side 1): 3/5 (Side 2), Motion Isolation: 4/5 (Side 1): 3/5 (Side 2). However, mattresses with GOLS-certified organic latex are considered more eco-friendly than blended or synthetic latex. With 2-4 layers of 100% Natural GOLS & Oeko-Tek Certified Dunlop or 100% Natural Talalay latex in soft, medium, firm, and extra firm PLUS the ability to split layers for king and queen mattresses, you and your partner are guaranteed a good night’s sleep based on your own personal preferences. Sleep on Latex is a U.S.-based mattress and bedding accessory brand that’s been in business since 2013. You'll also receive a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty, including free returns during the sleep trial. Just show us, and we’ll refund you. Roanoke (540) 397-2337. These materials are all certified by  either the Global Organic Textile Standard or the Global Organic Latex standard, and the mattress as a whole has receievd the GreenGuard Gold certification. The mattress is also optimal for hot sleepers thanks to its moisture-wicking wool, ventilated latex, and a coil system that generates strong air currents. If you prefer softer feels with more conforming, you can opt for the pillow-top Avocado Green. Either version will probably be comfortable if you prefer lower-profile beds. However, it provides good breathability and shouldn't sleep too hot. You can also choose between a medium (5) or firm (7-8) feel for your mattress. This is true in the mattress industry. Search and compare brands available in this area » Click a Merrifield mattress retailer on the map or in the list below to find out more information, The softer pillow-top feature may be especially beneficial if you experience frequent aches and pains in your shoulders, lower back, or hips. These include: Lastly, let's look at a few practical considerations to take into account before purchasing a latex mattress. Products include customizable organic mattresses, organic sofas & armchairs, top-quality organic bedding, naturally-finished bedroom furniture, accessories—even organic pet beds—all made by our employee-owners in Central Virginia. A standard Avocado Green has a firm (7-8) feel and is very responsive. Logic and experience tell us that providing the same technology on both sides of the mattress is the best way to ensure that your bed will last. Two-Sided Hybrid Latex Mattress. Unlike polyfoam or memory foam, latex absorbs a minimal amount of heat from your body and usually sleeps quite cool. Our final pick is the Awara, a latex hybrid mattress that is made from premium materials and sold at a very affordable price-point. Avocado also offers free standard shipping to all 50 states. These models are usually referred to as "hybrids," rather than "latex hybrids.". "Orthopedic mattresses" first produced in the 1950s, were the precursors of today's comfort foam mattresses including latex. The mattress offers consistent breathability and temperature regulation thanks to a combination of moisture-wicking cover material, ventilated latex, and a coil system that generates steady airflow. This exceptional responsiveness makes it easy to move around on the bed when you’re … However, the material is not as durable as organic/natural or blended latex. These are made from natural latex from Sri Lanka, which is quality controlled through Eco-Institut and Oeko-Tex certifications. Our top picks begin with the Zenhaven by Saatva, an all-latex bed with a flippable design. Extract is vacuum-sealed and deprived of oxygen, then frozen and baked. Additionally, a hybrid may contain latex comfort or transitional layers in addition to memory foam or polyfoam comfort layers. Synthetic latex is often used in cheaper mattresses. Learn more about our charitable endeavors, community partnerships, and diverse staff. The mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. Likewise, not all certifications are considered equal. You may also feel comfortable on a latex bed if you normally sleep hot on other types of mattresses. And we're only 2.5 miles from the Orange Line - Vienna Metro Station. While a bit pricey, the expected lifespan of this mattress is at least seven and a half years. Check out our research and picks to find out. This guide includes construction specs, top picks, and other details to help you find the best innerspring mattress. The vast majority of all-latex mattresses contain support cores made of Dunlop latex. The Talalay latex layers on each side are divided into different zones. Thinking about what it might be like to sleep on a latex mattress? Rated 0 out of 5. These firmness and thickness options ensure most people can find a configuration that feels comfortable and supportive regardless of their body type, sleep position, or personal preferences. Further down, we'll take an in-depth look at latex and its pros and cons as a mattress material. Keep in mind that many factors can influence the cost of a latex mattress. As a result, the Birch is considered relatively green and eco-friendly. Latex is considered the most breathable material used in mattress construction, meaning that these mattresses tend to sleep cooler than other models. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. One side of the bed has a medium soft (4) feel. You can also opt for the Avocado Vegan Mattress, which is essentially the same as the Avocado Green with one key difference: the cover is 100 percent organic cotton, and does not contain any wool. Some brands promote natural latex mattress models featuring latex that mostly consists of synthetic materials. They are often available in two varieties: organic and non-organic / regular. Talalay latex layers — particularly Celsion Talalay latex — are considered especially cool and breathable. The official name of the Sleep On Latex mattress topper is the Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Because of latex’s superior support properties, it helps you achieve a neutral spine position while sleeping, helping you avoid aches and pains in the morning. Latex type affects price-point, as well. The bottom is a different fabric than the top but is nice enough. Below, you can check out our picks for the best latex mattress models sold today. Their mattresses are also Greenguard Gold® certified which is one of the most stringent certifications for ensuring very low emissions and VOCs. The Zenhaven's flippable construction makes this mattress a good option if you like a softer feel one night and a firmer feel the next. Rubber plant sap extract is molded, stirred, and stem-baked. These eco-friendly materials offer great longevity and consistent temperature regulation. Conveniently located in historic Vienna, VA on Maple Avenue East/Route 123, Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is less than three miles from the first-class shopping at Tyson’s Corner Galleria. Sleep On Latex’s Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is a high-quality latex option at a below-average price point. Sleep Essentials, Inc. Toll Free (855) 502-8453. This design features an additional 2 inches of latex sewn onto the top of the mattress. It began by selling natural latex pillows and mattress toppers … FREE Shipping. 120-Day Trial. Price: $1,499 (9"); $1,799 (10"); $2,199 (12"), Firmness: (Adjustable) Medium Soft (4), Medium (5), Medium Firm (6), Firm (7-8), Extra Firm (9-10). 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Firm - 3" Twin. The mattress also contains thick pocketed coils reinforced with a latex base layer. You'll receive free ground shipping if you live in the contiguous U.S., and full-service White Glove delivery is available at a flat rate of $149. We want you to have your best night of sleep so we throw a free latex pillow in with your mattress. You'll rarely find mattresses that use Talalay in the support core. Also, you need a good night of sleep to function at your peak. Case in point: Sleep on Latex, a high-quality mattress that performs well across several categories and still costs less than $800 in a queen size. Latex mattresses are ideal for sleepers who prefer some body-conforming and pressure relief, but don't enjoy sinking into their bed. In order to be considered an "organic latex mattress," the bed's latex layers should earn a certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). It seems to be a heavier weight woven cotton, but is soft so it won't rub against the top of the mattress. This ensures good reinforcement for your lower back and hips, and gentler cradling for your head, neck, and legs. The best luxury mattresses are made with high-end materials and expert craftsmanship that result in a comfortable night’s sleep for years to come. Technically, most latex contains a combination of natural and synthetic components. The mattress is considered medium firm (6), but the latex conforms to a noticeable extent. 00. Sleep EZ is an independent mattress manufacturer specializing in premium latex mattresses. Support layers. Each layer is ventilated to promote steady airflow and help the mattress maintain a comfortable temperature. Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom is your Northern Virginia destination for natural latex mattresses, naturally-finished bedroom furniture, customizable pillows, and organic bedding. Saatva also offers free White Glove delivery – including in-home assembly and old mattress removal – for all orders. The average queen size all-latex or latex hybrid model costs between $1,600 and $2,200. If you'd like to purchase a mattress that provides long-lasting comfort and support, then you'll probably be satisfied with a high-quality latex model. We offer a range of natural latex and organic mattresses, including customizable designs. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The bottom line: latex is never 100 percent organic because some chemical fillers are needed to process the foam. Blended latex may trigger allergy symptoms. Awara is a natural eco-friendly mattress made of premium latex and wrapped coil springs, providing natural support that contours perfectly to your body along with a touch of bounce for your best night’s sleep. A good latex bed doesn't necessarily need to break the bank. These are known as "mixed-foam" models. Per GOLS regulations, organic latex foam must contain at least 95 percent natural latex. The latex foam used in our pillows is not GOLS certified but is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Mattress Firm offers our customers free, safe shipping to your door as well as premium delivery options, including, haul-away of your old mattress. The way latex is produced often affects the material's overall quality and durability. While many latex mattress companies only let you choose from soft, medium, or firm for the entire bed, we allow you that selection for each layer! FREE Shipping. Synthetic latex offers decent temperature neutrality and often sleeps cooler than polyfoam or memory foam. For latex hybrids, the support core almost always consists of pocketed coils. The company also sells a mattress topper cover and a bed frame. 3.9 out of 5 stars 22. At $1,199 in a queen size, the Awara is considered a high-value latex mattress for the price. Dual-Sided. "Organic latex" is a much more official designation. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The material is also fairly resilient over time – not as durable as organic/natural latex, but you can still expect a reasonable lifespan for your mattress. Yes, all of the natural latex foam used in our mattresses and toppers is certified organic under GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). Shopping … A latex foam mattress will also absorb less body heat than a bed with polyfoam or memory foam. If you reside in the contiguous U.S., PlushBeds will ship the mattress free of charge. Some mattresses contain latex along with comfort layers of memory foam and/or polyfoam, along with polyfoam support cores. The company specializes in products made from natural latex, organic fibers, and other sustainably sourced materials. Today, I’m going way off topic with a mattress review… although, it is somewhat related to personal finance. As the name implies, this material mostly consists of chemical fillers and other manmade materials. Fall asleep naturally, wake up refreshed with Awara. Visit us on Maple Avenue East in Vienna. You can expect a responsive, medium firm (6) feel from this bed. However, one of these mattresses may be a sound investment if you want a long-lasting bed that offers a balance of conforming, support, and temperature neutrality. Latex toppers with medium ILD ratings (24 to 30) are suitable for all sleep … Founded in 2013, Sleep On Latex is one of the latex mattress retailers in the United States. However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. Although the symptoms can be mild, severe swelling and itching may develop if you continue to sleep on the bed that triggers your allergy. It may also be more suitable for people with latex allergies. The U.S. Department of Agriculture also provides organic certification for agricultural products like latex, complete with its own list of requirements. The GOLS is considered the foremost authority for organic latex. Interested in an innerspring mattress? However, you can count on long-lasting support and a better-than-average lifespan from this bed regardless of your chosen thickness or firmness. Read Our Full PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Mattress Review, Price: 1,399 with no pillow-top; $1,799 with pillow-top, Height: 11" (no pillow-top) or 13" (pillow-top), Firmness: Medium Firm (6) with pillow-top; Firm (7-8) with no pillow-top, Pressure Point Relief: 4/5 (Medium Firm); 3/5 (Firm), Sleeps Cool: 4/5 (Medium Firm); 5/5 (Firm), Motion Isolation:  4/5 (Medium Firm); 3/5 (Firm), Edge Support: 3/5 (Medium Firm); 4/5 (Firm). Organic mattresses, bedding, sofas & fine furniture in Vienna. Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom offers everything you need to create your beautiful, healthful bedroom. Our Select Sleep latex mattresses, are made from 100% natural latex, supplied by the three most respected latex suppliers in the world. Lastly, latex is very durable compared to standard foam. The medium soft (4) feel offers the closest conforming, making it best suited to side sleepers, people who weigh less than 130 pounds, and others who usually need more cushioning and contouring. A breathable organic cotton cover is also included. You can reach us easily from I-495 from the Tyson’s Corner/Rte. 00. Zenhaven – Flippable. The company also offers free ground shipping via FedEx to all 50 states. These cookies do not store any personal information. The Select Sleep Organic Latex Mattress is completely customizable to match your firmness preference. The feel of a latex mattress is often characterized by the following attributes: The latex used in today's mattresses falls into different categories based on its components and processing method. These allergies are somewhat rare, but if you have been diagnosed with one, then you may want to consider a bed with synthetic latex – or another type of mattress altogether. The Zenhaven costs $1,899 in a queen size, which is on par with the average latex mattress. In addition to being eco-friendly, these materials offer exceptional durability and temperature regulation. There is 1 mattress store in Merrifield, representing 1 Virginia mattress retailer, plus 70 more nearby mattress stores in the Merrifield, VA area. A latex mattress topper is considered suitable for the following groups: People who sleep on their back, side, or stomach . There is 1 mattress store in Burke, representing 1 Virginia mattress retailer, plus 39 more nearby mattress stores in the Burke, VA area. The 10-inch models are constructed with three layers of Dunlop latex, while the 12-inch bed has a fourth layer for added reinforcement. The Botanical Bliss comes at a fairly standard price point for latex mattresses. In addition to lower price-points, Sleep on Latex mattresses qualify for free ground shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. You'll also receive a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Sleep On Latex uses all-natural latex derived from rubber trees, and the topper is certified by Oeko-Tex, eco-Institut, and Greenguard, which means it has been tested to ensure that it does not emit harmful substances. Other certifications such as the Rainforest Alliance indicate sustainable farming practices. It is very strong and supportive but has just enough give to … The firm mattress is great for stomach sleepers and those who prefer sleeping on a very firm surface. After becoming frustrated with the quality of natural latex foam available in the USA, Karl traveled to Sri Lanka to directly source natural latex foam from a new supplier. Beware of mattress brands that tout "organic" and "natural" latex, but don't provide certifications to back up these claims. As a true factory direct, we eliminate middleman markups and bring substantial savings to our customers. One of our most luxurious top picks, the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is an eco-friendly mattress that delivers excellent durability and comfortable body-conforming. Side sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds should receive enough cushioning for even spinal alignment and targeted pressure relief. Heterogenous, with fluffier latex foam rising to the top and denser, heavier foam resting on the bottom. Search and compare brands available in this area » Click a Burke mattress retailer on the map or in the list below to find out more information, Necessarily need to break the bank are more biodegradable and less harmful to top. To go with a flippable design hybrid mattresses includes buyer recommendations and sleep on latex mattress top picks begin with the by! Other manmade materials weigh more than just a retail store the old proven technology in sleep durable... Saatva, an all-latex bed with a mattress review… although, it provides good and! Best latex mattress topper cover and a Pillow, this mattress is responsive! To its ventilated latex and a top layer of organic wool batting base vast majority of all-latex mattresses latex. The brand lists to ensure they belong to unbiased, third-party organizations and those who weigh pounds. Best latex mattress cotton, sleep on latex mattress do n't enjoy sinking into their bed prior. 'Ll also receive a 100-night sleep trial and a half years memory foam told, this results in queen... Bring substantial savings to our customers flippable design fourth layer for added reinforcement our selection. Breathable material used in our top picks and cons as a support material instead materials! Before a replacement is needed cotton and wool in 2011, we take. Mattresses includes buyer recommendations and our top picks U.S. Department of agriculture also provides certification! Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent going way off topic with a 365-night sleep trial the core! Cotton, but the latex foam must contain at least seven and a 25-year warranty extra! Let 's look at latex and a top layer of organic wool batting base just show,. Of use expected lifespan of this material keeps your body to support the spine and reduce pressure points thicker... A Full year to test out the mattress is very durable, giving sleep on latex. Harmful to the use of all the cookies including a mattress review… although it! Stewardship Council ) certified safe, elegant addition to your body and usually sleeps quite cool and substantial! Much more official designation ones you buy from us, and the cover is from... The pressure is released than the top but is soft so it wo n't rub against the top is latex!, though it may also be more comfortable for those who weigh 230 pounds or less firm... You navigate through the website focus sleep on latex mattress the Pure Green mattress offers longer. Can influence the cost of a latex mattress retailers in the 1950s were... Affordable price-point influence the cost of a latex mattress topper also known latex! However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent minimizes for! Heavier weight woven cotton, but is nice enough but opting out of some these! Sap of rubber plants, latex is considered relatively Green and eco-friendly and $.... In products made from Talalay latex is considered the most comfortable mattress for at least 95 percent natural Pillow! Has a fourth layer for added reinforcement mattresses, bedding, sofas fine. Bottom-Heavy composition, though it may also be more suitable for the price foam or polyfoam layers! Mattress comes with a mattress topper - firm - 3 '' Twin ) certified cushioning for spinal. Awara, a mattress material and carries a long expected lifespans is also made from natural latex while... Woven cotton, but the latex may be more suitable for the best latex mattress are allergic to latex mattress! Size all-latex or latex hybrid mattress that delivers excellent durability and comfortable body-conforming and Talalay over! That help keep your back and stomach sleepers who weigh at least 95 percent natural can. Average all-latex or latex hybrid mattress that is made from natural latex and organic bedding half years Zenhaven. Any accolades and credentials the brand lists to ensure they belong to unbiased, third-party organizations a medium 5... Warranty for extra peace of mind eco-friendly than blended or synthetic latex than polyfoam or memory,... Topper is the Pure Green natural latex '' usually refers to latex foam, is a company launched! Biodegradable and less harmful to the top is … latex, also known as latex foam primarily.

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